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Ruben Marté Announces Candidacy for Monroe County Sheriff

Ruben Marté, a Captain with the Indiana State Police, has announced his candidacy for Monroe County Sheriff.

Marté said, “Today, announcing my candidacy for Monroe County Sheriff, we took the first step of what will no doubt be an incredible journey. If I had to describe today in one word, it would be humbling. I feel incredibly blessed to have the support of so many wonderful people who are willing to stand by my side. In the days ahead, I will work hard to represent the best of Monroe County, as we, together, continue this journey to become your Sheriff.”

Marté has served as a law enforcement officer for 31 years beginning at the New York City Department of Corrections (NYCDOC) Rykers Island and culminating into a successful career at his current assignment with the Indiana State Police. He has worked extensively to improve police and community relations. Marté has hosted workshops for civilians and facilitated training sessions for Indiana State Police cadets and veteran officers on a wide range of subjects including Cultural Awareness for Law Enforcement and Improving Police and Community Relations in underrepresented communities throughout the state.

Marté understands well the complexities of policing, the community’s perception of law enforcement officers, and the increased need for understanding and compassion in policing.

Marté looks forward to serving the citizens and officers as your Monroe County Sheriff. In a statement Marté said, “What I like to do is not meet people when things are in a crisis but when things are going well. It has to be proactive!”.

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